Silver need to buy

After a protracted decline beginning in 2011, the price of silver apparently ready to reverse and growth. If we talk about purposes, from the point of view of investment, i.e. investments for a year or more, then the immediate goal is the level of 24 dollars per ounce. Moreover, this objective is a minimum, as if the achievement of the overall technical picture for silver on the monthly chart still remains bearish. We believe that silver is now at the stage of reversal, and therefore the increase of silver in the future a year or more can be higher than the announced $ 24 per ounce. Within two years, the price of silver could easily reach $ 30 per ounce.

When you consider that right now silver costs $ 15 plus, investing in silver now will potentially allow you to double the invested funds in a few years. We would recommend buying silver, in physical form and in financial markets.

Silver fell from its heights in 2011, no worse than oil, from 48 to 15 dollars that is comparable with the dynamics of oil prices. However, silver has no competitors in the form of shale oil industry, the supply of silver can not be replaced, and overproduction in oil no. Prospects for the consumption of silver as an industrial metal does not cause any doubts. Silver along with copper, will benefit from the development of electric vehicles, because metals are better conductors of current.

Silver as an investment metal precious, now can only increase, as over the last 5 years, in connection with falling of the prices for silver investments in silver are very greatly reduced and your own words have nothing to reduce.

In conditions when major Central banks around the world print money, even taking into account the fact that the fed will tighten policy, a recurrence of the situation similar to 2008 when the world faced a shortage of money. Yes, maybe the world economy will face challenges, but whatever these problems are, the lack of money will not, because the authorities have learned the lessons of 2008 and tight liquidity, no one will admit. Therefore, the price of silver today is not in danger.

Because of this, we recommend to buy silver.

Silver need to buy 31.03.2016

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