Almost to historic highs once again suited us stock markets

After yesterday’s good report of one of the largest American banks J. P. Morgan Chase and major indexes in Europe and America accelerated the growth. The growth leaders overseas and in Europe was precisely the banking sector. Report J. P. Morgan Chase was not as bad as feared, but it does not mean that all other records of the banks will be positive. Let’s see how today will report two other American financial giant Bank of America and Wells Fargo, although yesterday all of the possible positive was wagered in one day and more there is a chance today to see the fixation on the fact.

Almost to historic highs once again suited us stock markets. From a technical point of view the indexes already overheated and are being overbought, also, came to a strong resistance. The probability of a correction is growing every day. Any weak reports of the American companies can easily become an excuse for fixing.

On the currency market today, gaining ground on the us dollar. The key currency pair EUR/USD fell below 1.13, while the dollar/yen rose above 109. Don’t forget that April 28th will be a meeting of the Bank of Japan, where with high probability will be taken new measures to further weakening of the national currency. Maybe the regulator will increase the asset purchase program by 10 billion per month. The us dollar strengthened immediately leads to pressure on all industrial and precious metals. Reduced today and oil prices, although for other reasons. Again there were rumors that no agreement next Sunday in Doha will not be signed and not even the fact that there will arrive representatives of Iran.

Almost to historic highs once again suited us stock markets 14.04.2016

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